NZI Centre - A New Kind of Space 9250m2

Executive workshops, observations study, workplace strategy, implementation oversight, change management for new ways of working

The NZI Centre building is a commercial office building in Aucklands CBD. The award winning building was designed with multifunctional spaces to be bold and airy, enjoying natural light & inherent sustainable features throughout. The workplace was designed to encourage interchange of ideas, dialogue and debate to empower staff to work dynamically.

Collaboraton - Change Agents engaged IAG NZ recognised that change management for the relocation required external skills to succeed.

Change Agents Be Confident were engaged to develop the change processes for the project. This included defining high level structure and framework , and implementing programs with cultural impacts with each of the different internal and external project teams.

Change Outcomes
IAG NZ decided to bring staff from 5 offices in Auckland's CBD together under one roof as "one team". The development of a five storey, 5 Green Star rated office building at 1 Fanshawe Street was confirmed. 800 staff moved into the building in late 2009 on time and under budget.

Change objectives were formulated and change milestones were integrated into the building program to allocate resource and ensure priority was given to change initiatives.
These included linking existing work on cultural impacts from all areas of the business particularly the human resources values development and the building design objectives.

The change program was developed to meet the strategic property objectives

1. Improve staff pride of place
2. Increase collaboration by creating "One team"
3. Understand the new workplace & the benefits of being 5 Green star certified

The surveyed results showed high levels of satisfaction with all users. Talk to us about the metrix used for this project.
The Best practices achieved as a result of the NZI centre project were:
Relocation change management is a key catalyst for increased collaboration. Removing silos from teams who have worked in fragmented locations and multiple brands to create "One Team". Providing an understanding of the space that staff work in and how to live within it, provides a strong sense of engagement.
Integrated human resource planning and design of the physical work environment contributes to staff engagement and increased productivity.

"Be Confident did great work helping prepare the move of 700 staff from 4 buildings into a great new environment - the NZI Centre in 1 Fanshawe St. Stella's team work brought enthusiasm and creative ideas with the project team and wider change champions to help staff with the changes." April 19, 2010
Tim Griffith - Property Manager, IAG