Auckland City Council: 33445m2

Staff workshops, collaborative team development of workplace strategy

Stella joined with Wendy Jones, Chris Alcock and Andrew Tu'inukuafe to win the opportunity to prepare a Workplace strategy for Auckland Councils planned move to Albert St.
Working as collaborative team to prepare the workplace strategy involved a pre-move benchmarking survey and workshops with over 300 staff.
While the workplace strategy was focused on 135 Albert Street, the strategy was aimed at changing how Council could work generally across the whole council including the Council Controlled Organisations, and many of the principles will be useful when for fit-out other corporate workplaces in the future.

During the project we defined what the scope of transitional change management can involve and what can happen if you don't plan the change management. Here is that definition.

What is Transition change management ...
To inform, educate, involve and enable people as early, openly and fully as possible in any change journey
Success can only be achieved if all staff are included and understand the strategic vision, alignment and relevance to their role and participation
Successful transitional change requires versatility, adaptability and ability to work across all levels of the business
It is all about inclusion and all levels

The transitional change process typically includes:
Establishing stakeholder structures with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
Bring about the behavioral change needed in the project / organisation
Evaluating and improving business processes affected by transitional change
Facilitating change across workplace strategy and culture
Identifying and empowering change leaders within the organisation
Creating a sense of "connectedness" and shared purpose
The right balance of structure, process and creativity
Developing and implementing internal and external communication plans
Ability to build relationships quickly with wide range of external and internal stakeholders
Getting the "knowledge and attitude" embedded in the project / organisation

What happens if you don't have a Workplace strategy ...
Our experience has shown that many behaviours may become evident such as